Breakdown by Country



Celebrity Use ?

I really don’t know how to title this one, but there’s been some odd celebrity usage in South Korea or from what at least I have seen. DSC09501

I took this picture thinking it was just a Bob Marley advert, but I was wrong. As you can tell from the whole photo that it is supposedly a coffee shop !



I have been informed that grammar is important, but this blog is supposed too be an off shoot of ideas and opinions primarily written from my cellphone. I will work on that. The posts will go up normally, but every Saturday I will go through each and correct the grammar so I can make them more “readable.” Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ease on the language barrier

As previously stated i have been having difficulty doing things due to the language barrier but they do try best as possible to help. Me and my friends when to a travel center to pick up sim cards. I suggest wherever your going to make sure you phone and data works there and for calls out. Its up there on importance, but while waiting for them i found a brochure that was in English, Chinese and Japanese. That’s what i mean for ease to language barrier they try accommodate if you don’t know how to speak it. As for me i read the Japanese as im currently trying to study it and its only way to keep up with it currently


Plugs !

Learn that there different every where. You expect to use your US plug no. You must get something called a step down converter or what i googled when looking for them 220v – 110v converter that works as well. Some things can convert themselves and you just need an adapter but always make sure i have heard to many stories in a small time span of destroying electronics



Meal Tickets ???

So the cafeteria just opened today which was nice, but you know the american vision of pancakes and eggs it was no where close to that. It was chicken with cabbage and white rice. I have no complains there, but new thing meal tickets. At my home University we pay with food bucks used all over campus, yet here i was given this little tiny blue booklet similar to this coupon book people used to carry around and you “pay” with those. I don’t know if this is all my meals for the semester or will i get some more later its all very confusing. None the less i do have a good feeling once i run out im done so i must choose wisely when i eat. Especially when its only 2 time a day when the cafeteria is open. Its pretty early for the breakfast though, well at least for me 730am to 930am pretty small window in my opinion, but ill manage to squeeze in some mornings.



What I know now

Go anywhere you don’t the language is tough let alone scary, but I have been able to get away with saying things in English, pointing at stuff and new friends so it’s still hard but not over whelming. Based on the stories and experiences I was told i wouldn’t have any problem here. that’s a lie, there are places that cater to foreigners but that’s not all Korea. I had it in my mind that I could just walk through with no knowledge and be find and I was wrong. Points off on me, but i have 4 months to rectify that and get my broken Korean on!

(As Seen in the photos certain places show information in English and Hangul/Hangeul the Korean Alphabet)

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Quick Differences

So, I have been here only two days so my knowledge is very limited but I can say to some degree that I have noticed some things that were different. Such as:

There are certain streets that are for everyone and when I mean everyone that’s cars included. There were moments yesterday when we were walking down the side roads that had shops on them, there were no sidewalks so it was just a group of us walking in the street and we had to move out of the way so cars could pass, but it’s such a normal thing here. DSC09280

Second, you know I have to talk about  a food place like the ones we have have back home; Papa John’s and McDonald’s have delivery cycles, and it sent me into to shock like, “there are fast food restaurants that deliver, what !?” Also the Burger King gave us plastic cups that we had to return like the ones you get at a sit down and stay place like Golden Corral. As usual I was astonished once again, but can you blame me? Everything is new to me it’s my first two days.


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