Meal Tickets ???

So the cafeteria just opened today which was nice, but you know the american vision of pancakes and eggs it was no where close to that. It was chicken with cabbage and white rice. I have no complains there, but new thing meal tickets. At my home University we pay with food bucks used all over campus, yet here i was given this little tiny blue booklet similar to this coupon book people used to carry around and you “pay” with those. I don’t know if this is all my meals for the semester or will i get some more later its all very confusing. None the less i do have a good feeling once i run out im done so i must choose wisely when i eat. Especially when its only 2 time a day when the cafeteria is open. Its pretty early for the breakfast though, well at least for me 730am to 930am pretty small window in my opinion, but ill manage to squeeze in some mornings.




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