Quick Differences

So, I have been here only two days so my knowledge is very limited but I can say to some degree that I have noticed some things that were different. Such as:

There are certain streets that are for everyone and when I mean everyone that’s cars included. There were moments yesterday when we were walking down the side roads that had shops on them, there were no sidewalks so it was just a group of us walking in the street and we had to move out of the way so cars could pass, but it’s such a normal thing here. DSC09280

Second, you know I have to talk about  a food place like the ones we have have back home; Papa John’s and McDonald’s have delivery cycles, and it sent me into to shock like, “there are fast food restaurants that deliver, what !?” Also the Burger King gave us plastic cups that we had to return like the ones you get at a sit down and stay place like Golden Corral. As usual I was astonished once again, but can you blame me? Everything is new to me it’s my first two days.


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