Story time

Alright so last week when I was still getting adjusted to the sleeping change. There was a night I didn’t get enough sleep nor alot to eat. Fast forward it was mid-day I was cranky and starving hanging with my new friends and one who had become the leader of our rag-tag “squad” let’s say her name is Karen. Oh! Most importantly she was  Australian, important detail. So I was standing behind her on the escalator and she asked me where I wanted to go eat Maccas or Subways. I still little out of it thinking Maccas was a cool Korean place to eat food I said Maccas, so after walking we get to a McDonald’s and she enters and I’m shouting to get here attention cause I thought it was the wrong place. I go inside and say something along the lines of “Karen, this is McDonald’s” and she’s like “yeah, this is Maccas.” In that moment I had the biggest realization that Maccas is McDonald’s. I have never felt so much emotion it that situation than I have In my whole life. I think it was because me being tried and hungry that add to the over the top feeling. I felt so duped but so happy to finally buy food. So now it’s a reoccurring joke/phrase in my group to now refer to McDonald’s as Maccas. I’m using it often when I get home so get ready. Moral of the story if someone say a word you don’t Know ask or you might be going to McDonald’s.


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