Shoe Shopping

Disclamer: I have only been here 3.5 weeks to be honest I don’t know all of Seoul nor Korea so take this with a grain of salt.

Recently I went to Itaewon it’s like the foreigner district of Seoul and I was looking of shoes and im a pretty tall guy with large feet size 13 to be exact. With a foot that size I knew I was looking for diaster becasue I have trouble in the states, but you know it’s the foreigner district its got to have something for me right? kind of not really, not even the big name stores like Nike or Reebok had things in my size closest was a size 12, but when they did have something it was like one shoe and me being picky was not buying a shoe I did not visually like. So what ending up happening is had to ask the parents in the states for the quote on quote hook up so I could get some shoes sent here. Im pretty sure if I did a little bit more deep diving I could have some online store or place that sold larger items but wearing vans with no cushioning hurts so I needed something asap. I think It will be helpful if I ever decide to live in an asian culture, to know where I can buy clothes. Becasue I can’t be asking mommy and daddy everytime I need something new


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