School, social, blah blah excuses are just a form of putting blame on something or someone else and for that i’m sorry. This really in a sense is not a “I will change” but more of an acknowledgement of my wrongdoing. Anyway the sappy part over now to the more sappy stuff. Today I started learning hangul the Korean alphabet which is cool. I am learning really fast and repetition and reading it around the city will definitely help, but this where my thoughts came in. As I sit wating for my club members to go to the PC cafe I see a mass group of Korean students laughing and having a great time and realize I couldn’t join in on it. It’s not that i’m saying dont have people to hang with no it’s that a connection with Koreans is somewhat impossible. That where the statement my inexperience hinders the experience. I don’t know Korean I barely know japanese to a level of any forms of basic conversation. This is not supposed to be a post downing myself or anything of that nature. I just think you know if I knew more I could experience more thats all……


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