The Monthly Report

It has now officially been one month and two days ( I left February 24). There are many questions to be answered. Has he thrown in the towel, called it quits, homesick and want to go home? Not really, Not in the slightest, But before I make myself seem like some Ex-Pat (EX-Patriot) who never wants to come back to America, I just haven’t felt the needs of home. I have been in weekly contact with my friends and family; I still have access to most of my American television programming. Thanks to my dad and his mini speaker I can still blast music at whim. Albeit not on the same scale, and you know the computer I am currently writing this on helps a lot. Although there are things, I have missed from the States. Sadly it’s only really been food and tiny things from home like American breakfast, Americanized Chinese food, My computer and my speakers I use to blast music, but I would also be lying if I didn’t say I missed hugging my parents or hanging out with my friends from home. Sitting in E’s apartment while we played video games and listen to music I miss those things but I can’t let them stop me from enjoying my time here, although what is a real hindrance is what I’m going to call “Clock down Syndrome.” It ‘s where at least once a day or week I think about  “oh its March 27 I leave June 20 that mean I have less than three months left.” and rinse and repeat. I wish I could stop thinking about it, but I don’t think I can, because even though I live here, I don’t live here. Like yesterday, I caught on to how I was referring to the dorm as home. It is where I lay my head, take showers and change clothes and essentially live, but in less than three months later it will be gone. Reverted to what it once was, only to linger for the experience again. These are thoughts just after the first month; I’m going to be some mess once month three hits. My friend “L” said, “you’re just in the honeymoon state”, and she’s right when I first arrive I likened everything to newborn experiencing things new for the first time. Seoul is my first major city to live. I went to New York as a youth, but that was under parental guidance. Being is Seoul is something a tad different. I want to get out of that “honeymoon state” so I can just think of this place as nothing particular and live life normally, but I don’t think I will. The time it takes and the time I will be here don’t match up to me. I think the result will be a memorable experience with breathtaking moments up until the end where somber goodbyes will be given. Although like I said this is only the first month I can’t predict the future.


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