Thoughts for the future

This one isn’t Seoul-related but more what I want to do next in life. Once I leave my semester abroad, I will have a year left in college. They’re internships and jobs that need to apply for, but where is the question. I no longer feel limited to the United States as a place of employment. I think my school giving me a chance and Sogang giving me a chance gives a lot of needed confidence. A dream of mine is still to go to Japan. The hard part is trying to figure out by what means to get there. There are many options for work (usually English teacher) to international internships or even through my homeschool taking the intensive language course during the summer in Japan next year and staying a few months after to explore. I like that option the most just cause the learning of Japanese will still be fresh in my mind. Although I don’t know yet, there are many avenues to take I just have to be willing to put the time and effort in to achieve them. Wish Me Luck!


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