2nd Monthly Report

Hello, Hello, Hello, Month 2? (I don’t remember anymore) Done and I have some few choice words for it. It’s been cool; I had a couple of ups and downs. I have recently been feeling out of place cause I can’t understand the people around me. It’s like if my ears and brain were all one big radio I can’t find the right station and tune out. I joined two clubs on campus and their fun during club meetings. When we go out eating they primarily talk in Korean, and I just can’t do anything, so unless they directly speak to me, I space out. I have started to feel super lonely and inadequate like if only I knew how to say anything, anything to add to the conversation I would feel accomplished but can’t. I do know a few things and enjoy to order for myself alone, but it still sucks. Also, I hung out with some Japanese students they were super nice and cool to me teach me a few new words and slang like duh-sai ダサい which is youth speak for saying something is lame or uncool, or sh(e/i) 死 which is kanji for death. THAT threw me off as this internet musician used it on his album cover and for years I wondered what it meant and when I was finally told I was like wow!!! Okay, interesting, good to know. I got a new Korean friend she takes playful jabs at my Americanism and foreigner lifestyle but has been helpful showing me things outside the normal realm of foreigner stuff such as a place that served raw meat with spices, onions, and raw egg. I couldn’t do, tried it tasted and then promptly stop and was like my mama always told me to make sure there is no more red meat. THIS IS ALL RED MEAT. I also ate squid yesterday its chewy and as always tastes like chicken, so it is good.


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