Why can’t I watch what I want? Seeing “THIS VIDEO IS UNAVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY” is the most disheartening things to see. It messes with my natural flow of content streaming. I had recently noticed as I am a Google music paid member that one of the features were not working. A major feature that I rely on heavily which is to download YouTube music videos for offline use. I can’t explain, but it sometimes works, and it doesn’t work other times. I think it has something to do with my location in Korea. The area near the airport I could stream Hulu with no VPN, but on campus, it’s blocked. What I’m trying to get at is where ever you are going make sure you know what sites and or features of a website are available in that country. Or don’t and have it be all a surprise as Hulu is US ONLY, Netflix content VARIES BY LOCATION, Google play also features VARY BY LOCATION and VPN(s) DON’T ALWAYS WORK. Basically a VPN is a paid or free program depending on which service you use allows you to trick “the internet” into thinking your in a different location example U.S. where all theses companies seemed to be based unfiltered. The drawback is it sometimes affect your device’s I.P. Address, and websites will catch on and still block the content. As in the case of me and using Hulu. I no longer was informed that I was in the wrong location but was told that I was using an anonymous I.P. and had to turn off whatever program doing it to continue which would defeat the whole purpose. Long story short know the internet of where you’re going. Sidenote: the Pc Cafe I go to says it’s in India, I don’t know why many reasons, though.


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