Gwanghwamoon 광화문

So this post will be a little different as I’ll actually be talking about an area in Korea for once, instead of me blabbing about my personal life. As it is my first post of this kind I will be working on the formatting. This post will be a mixture my experience and things my friend Hy told me at the time.


Gwanghwamoon 광화문 It was the Center of the city during the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1897).  It’s where the Gyeongbokgung Palace resides. During our walk in the area they were playing a navy song. I was informed by Hy that act is seen as politically charge agenda, as the father Park Chung-hee of the current present Park Geun-hye had rewritten it so he was President for life until he was assassinated. Hy said stuff like this didn’t happen before the current president in charge.


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After we went to this really cool dumpling place nothing really historical or special here just dumplings. Later on were arrive in a area called Hyojadong 효자동. The name stands for children who treat there parents well. It Is a area near the blue house which is the equivalent to the white house. The area is very heavily guarded by police 24/7 included in that is no tall building are allowed to be built in the area. As we walked around I was doing my blogger/foreigner thing which is to take as many pictures as possible of many different things. She was like your such a “Clicky” which is a term used for foreigners usually of Asian descent that only take photos of an area instead of enjoying it. It was true I was taking pictures like was trying to map out the landscape, but something did catch my eye


This Blue-ish sign. Hy told me it was some sort of market that was basically one very long straight and narrow street. Although when we entered it was late, but there were still some vendors around and I was able to get some


Yakgwa 약과

Wikipedia states “Yakgwa is made mainly from honey, sesame oil, and wheat flour,” but I really didn’t taste that. to me it was very doughy with undertones of cinnamon. Lastly the walk up the mountain to the top. I know I haven’t expressed it on here, but almost any hill, rooftop, platform or high up place you can stand upon here has an amazing view of some part of the city. There’s one rooftop on campus that has a view of all the houses below it and this view was no exception. Either but foot or buy bus you walk up this sidewalk until you get to the top and find a side staircase that leads you to a dirt path and a small platform that over looks the entire city. I’m sorry that description was not the greatest of where to go if you are ever here, but to be honestly I couldn’t tell you how to get up there and I was just there yesterday. Although it was so pleasant and quite. There were the color lanterns up for Buddha’s Birthday it was great.

Here Is Last Night’s View



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