Schooling in South Korea

Disclaimer: I started writing this from my phone during class, I will explain why.

So as you know, I’m in Korea, taking classes in Korea. One, in particular, is a short film script writing class and today we got to read/perform other student’s scripts. Which I usually think is cool. I can bust out my acting chops and do a little something acting wise. But as most of the students in my class are Korean. No problem there, the teacher allows them to turn in the scripts written in Korean so to the people unable to understand Korean (me) are left high and dry. She had made this pretty clear the first week when she complained about this class having to be taught in English, so she allows them to turn in work in Korean. This is where the problem lies for me, although she has valid reasons. The media market these students will enter will most likely be one spoken entirely in Korean (Pause.) It still left me awkwardly sitting in class for 45+ minutes just on my phone. Yes, I know that can be seen as disrespectful, but else am I supposed to do? I don’t know what is happening, why they are laughing one moment, or moments later the teacher is crying I felt out of place. To deal with it, I sat on my phone until the teacher pops back into English only to explain the positives of the script they just read which I don’t understand why because it was all in Korean. Luckily because there a few of us English speaking foreigners in class she also picked some of our scripts to perform as well


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