Off the top

Things I didn’t think needed there own post but still wanted to mention

My favourite thing people do sense being here is during group outings if a discovery or something revealing is state people in unison will go [ooooooohhhh] like they heard the sickest roast in class

Brushing your teath is not limited to just the bathroom, from time to time I see people roam the campus school hall brushing their teeth like its nothing, leave me very confused

I don’t know how I will be able to handle taxes or tips when I get back to the states. Both are non-existence here, so going into a place and having to pay more might upset me the first few weeks

The loss of english words, there have been legimant moments where I’m trying to express something, and I can’t come up with a true word for it, and yes I know it happens too in the States, but something about the way it comes here feels different

Theres a chance I might upset someone or get hit by a car in the states, as people are just constantly moving here hesitation is not a thing so if you get bumped, not a discussion just keep it moving unless it’s exceptionally hard one. Same for cars you move they’ll stop, but you never want to the first or last person walking someone told me. For good reason too….

Because borrowed words are a thing in this culture, you sometimes end up feeling slightly racist when you ask for a “Mint Chocolate Latte” as it sounds super similar just with a slight Asian accent to it. Sounding fully American with it gets you nowhere, but the slight Asian accent helps a little.

I really confused with the ear bud culture here. i feel like i’m the olny one that wears over the ear headphones here

Food share culture, something I don’t think could work in the states. Besides drinks food is usually large enough to share if it’s not fast food and people do. Like friends couples they all do. I try and ask for a bite of someone’s food in the states I’ll most likely get a weird look or a smack on the wrist


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