Why we still using the not metric system!?!? You know how annoying it’s been when people asks me about my height or tell me the weather in CELSIUS and then I can’t respond cause I don’t know their stuff off the top of my head??? Well, it’s not that difficult, but it is slightly annoying. Like yesterday, for example, I was telling someone I was heading to a PC cafe after dinner, and they said to me in Australia when its 40 degrees all the kids play computer games inside. Me not knowing what 40C was looked it up, it’s about 104F and in grant fashion freaked out as I complain around 85 to 95 range. She was like “yea people sometimes pass out and other stuff” I quickly replied with a swift NO and said I’m never going there until my interest was peaked about unconventional outdoor cooking such as cooking eggs outdoors or using your car as an oven for meat, cookies or cupcakes. I said that was something I must do in my lifetime cook car cookies in Australia.


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