Or short vs. short pants vs. pants vs. long pants is the long title. Storytime once again ladies and gents this time on the conversation of pants. So, when Hy and I were walking in Gwanghwamoon 광화문 at night, and my outfit was not one suited for the night air which was jacket and shorts. She asked “are you not cold wearing those pants?” pants? I replied these were shorts because they are short. Not satisfied with the answer then asked then why are pants not called long pants because they are long. Well, like a parent that has been caught/outsmarted by their child stated the only thing I could say is that’s just the way it is. I bring up this story for multiple reasons

  1.  When you’re wearing pants or shorts, you’re not wearing plural of that article of clothing. I’m not wearing many pants or shorts, besides the word is confusing as it is. It can be used in context of multiple and singular meanings
  2. She has a point to a degree if you were just to consider all upper and lower wear regardless of cut, style or others they would just be shirts and pants. Why are shorts are allowed to be called shorts and pants are not allowed to be called longs
  3. Brings me to my most important point that there’s a difference between knowing and understanding English and English heavily influenced by a person’s culture. The conversation I have with her or any other non-American in English I may alter what I say, so it’s easier to understand. It even happens in the states as well. People in the states have different words they use as well based on the state they reside in.
  4. Similar smaller story one of my Australian friends would short hand mathematics to maths because you take more than one maths

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