Adventure Through The Backwoods

So, I’m doing this new thing where I write post early and then space them out during the week(s) so there more content available. Theses are pictures from Thursday(4/28). I had just finished ordering my food at Mom’s Touch in Sinchon신촌 (It’s a big bar & food College area, there are many campuses around) and i did that one thing your not supposed to do in a forgiven land is walk off by yourself. Well, i did, you can take the regular straight forward path back or like i did get lost on the back streets. It’s pretty massive what would have typically taken 15 minutes took about 45, but found these cool places. I guess the best way to describe the area I was walking in was a hilly area with very compact housing and apartments, lots of streets connecting them all to turn on and ones i got lost on. Don’t worry I found my way back that the only way i could type this but, when i was walking i was worried. I knew what direction i was going in was towards campus, and the taller buildings I could see near campus were great land makers, but I was so deep in there I didn’t know what was a main road. I finally stop at this cute area where there was outdoors workout equipment and this thing similar to a cabana where a older woman was knitting with black yarn. I exhausted from all the hilly walking sat down on the other side took out my phone to look directions out of the area, but to no avail my phone as of late has been useless without WiFi, and I have unlimited data which is dumb. I digress I sat there for a while until I got up again and just decided to walk down one road only that was headed towards campus. and i ended up coming out of this back-road right beside a shop that was near the front entrance of campus. elated i laughed and threw my hands in the air. ever so happy to get out of the street maze. Remember kids never do what I did very dangerous.


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