So a lot happened yesterday 5/7, I was walking back from the club area of the city with Hy and her friend, and some drunk dude walked passed us saying something underneath his breath. As we all know the reoccurring theme of my stories is, Grant can’t speak/understand Korean. Which in this case was a good thing, because Hy was yelling at him. He then turned around in English to apologize to me. I didn’t know what was happening I just saw her upset at a drunk guy. I asked her friend what is going on she said the drunk fellow said I needed to go back to Itaewon. If you don’t remember what Itaewon is from previous posts, it’s a densely populated area of the Seoul filled with foreigners. So, our resident drunk was saying I guess party which your kind (foreigners) which I assume. Many thoughts went through my mind then and now while writing this, but none of it is anger. The level of racism in the States is way higher and even to that extent something I rarely had to deal with. For this drunk human to tell me oh it’s cool if you’re in Korea just stay in the touristy/foreign district is a slap on the wrist, especially because it was translated for me. Which I guess bring me to a revelation would I have brushed it off as easily if I had known Korean? What if he had said that to me and I would be able to reply instantly? What if he said more and she was trying to spare my feelings or couldn’t translate properly? We’ll never know I just keep thinking about how in the one-moment ignorance is bliss. To me, I saw a drunk party goer who is sobering up and going home. Whereas Hy saw a drunkard being rude to her friend.

Fast-Forward, Fast-Forward, Fast-Forward

Pt2. So we all know how clubbing, drinking, and partying works you start the previous night and go into the early morning. So after a well-deserved rest. I met up with Hy again this time with her roommate and some other friends in Itaewon. Who would have thought the drunk would have got his wish same day delivered? Regardless, from previous interaction not only here but at home with my friends that speak other languages is to tune out unless talked to. Which now I can see didn’t go to cause well Hy’s roommate took me aside and said like you got to speak up. I replied I don’t want to ruin your all conversation for the sake of including me. Her response was but by you just being here and not saying anything is also weird/awkward, so you have a choice to make, stay here and talk with us or leave. Me a little off put by how straightforward Hy’s roommate was by this newly created ultimatum decided to stick it out and speak up. Which ended up being not too bad I guess I didn’t talk a lot cause there was like seven of us so trying to tilt a whole conversation in English would have been impossible. What I did get “upset” at was one of the guys hanging with us had on some shoes that looked like they had donuts sprinkle prints on them. I told Hy to tell him he’s got on some cool shoes, and he replies back in English thanking me. I was shocked and asked you can speak English, and he nonchalantly said yes that when Hy’s roommate chimed in and said everyone here can speak English. At this point, I just sank in my chair like I just got punched in the gut by this new found revelation.

Today’s morals ????
Ignorance is bliss (sometimes), Never judge a book by its cover, Speak up, Speak loud and Be proud


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