The Bowling Trilogy

Disclaimer: Well I think it was either 4/29 or 4/22 when this happened I don’t remember anymore. Sorry for this one being real long I could have broken them all into separate posts, but it all flows together under one central theme. So let me welcome you to…….


The Bowling Trilogy


When you live in a densely populated area such as Seoul, you find various ways to get around the city. I don’t know if there’s a correlation, but I bring it up for story progression. Most people find a precise route that takes them where they need to go and they rarely divert from said path because their might be the easiest or quickest. Well, last week (at the time of writing IDK anymore) I went bowling in shincon a major college hangout spot bars and food. Although the people I went with took the group out the back gate. Now for this to make sense, the campus has a front and back gate (obvious). I exit out the back gate primarily to use the subway because it’s closer to my dorm instead of the front entrance. Which is further yet takes us into shincon. Although we got to shincon the back way, and I was super confused. I was like this is possible!? Well, we just walked out a different exit and yet still walked in the same direction. The main point of this story is do something outside your norm in your day to day. You might find/learn something new.


Alright, I rarely have felt depression since I have been here, but I did “Friday” when I went bowling. Now, look, as the author/writer of this post I have a right to be expressive of my opinions but, should stay neutral as not to make any party seem bad. Not today though because I was UPSET after this game of bowling. You might be asking why? Well, reader, this was no ordinary game betting was involved, and the loser had to pay for the games. Now I’ll fault myself they told me before we left that it was going to happen. Although I didn’t think much about it at the time. What made me upset is the teams were uneven it was three vs. four. I was on the team of three. We lost, and my teammates were cool with it. It seemed unfair, not right and unjust, but I couldn’t do anything about it, it was all settled in Korean. So while I ideally sat by things were happening in the background. I felt like they had some inside joke and I was the target. I know that it’s not “true”, but it still hurt I wanted to express my anger with the situation. Although I couldn’t my anger looped back around that I was so upset I was smiling. Like what am I supposed to do I felt cheated but in such a way all I could do was smile?


Culture Shock (Adjacent)

Culture shock, a feeling of confusion, doubt, or nervousness caused by being in a place (such as foreign country) that is very different from what you are used to….. “Merriam-Webster”


Continuing from the bowling story I was still upset like I didn’t want to be around them anymore I got hit for 18$ for two games of bowling I was heated, but hungry so I was going to have to spend more money. We entered a chicken place and ate, but I was the only Non-Korean leaving me only to mess with my phone. They would add me in from time to time and got me to play a dinner drinking games. Although I just wasn’t feeling it so, I left and went back to the dorm. I saw someone in the lobby I knew and expressed my sadness at the situation there reply is you just have to jump into the conversation. It was good-ish advice, but I rather not ruin their fun so that I can join in because I know no Korean. So I spent the rest of the night in my room hurt and defeated. I had called up my parents to explain what happened. It was the first time I complained that I wanted to go home to my parents. I lasted two months which I think is cool. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy it here it was just a low point. That Sunday though I get a text from a person I didn’t know. They were a member of the club asking if I was okay because the people I was hanging with that Friday was concerned with my emotional state because of that day. I told them all was good I was just sad that day homesick. I didn’t want to tell them the truth that I was saddened because I couldn’t speak Korean and join in on their reindeer games like a human Rudolph. I’m just happy they asked and were concerned about me. I hung out with them again recently, and the situation was similar. Where they were all played Korean drinking games, and I just sat there watching, but it wasn’t as bad I had a better day that day so watching their tom-foolery was enjoyable. I was also just texting Hy like the “drinking games the Korean youth play are odd. There just banging glasses and silverware and what is this finger thumb tower thing they keep doing???”



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