Hey there, Hi there, Hello there

Usually these things are like weeks apart, but so much is happening in so little time. Kind of, if I have not stated it before i’m in a Hip-Hop performance club called abyss and on the 5/19(?) we get to do a school festival performance. Right now were in the middle of writing our lyrics and fine-tuning our timing on the track so we are not off beat and such. I’m in a group of three, it’s me, Sim and J.Ho. The interesting thing about us is we all speak other languages besides English. So, Sim will have some lines in Chinese, J.Ho is in Korean and English and me with a dash of Japanese thrown in for good measure. We have to practice like crazy though. Although the festival is still ten days away he have to have the song finalized for the “higher-ups” by this Thursday so send positive vibes my way.


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