Power of pointing

Now if you’re like me and love food it can become a stress-or when you can’t order what you want. Although I have found a free alternative that won’t alleviate all the stresses but will ease most and that is to point at what you want. Weather it’s a menu item or an item behind the counter. Pointing has helped me out a lot. Now, you might be thinking oh it’s rude to point. Which is valid by American standards and most likely cultures similar, but, but my counter argument is would you like me to starve? I know that’s an extreme situation jump, but I do it so much here it’s just become part of my nature. Next week I’ll teach you a more advanced technique, using fingers as a visualizing method to equate to menu items. Which means you show up your fingers 1-10 correlating to the item on (usually) fast food menu and say the word “set.” They, give you your fries, burger, and drink. Most of the time it’s coke as they cashier has now noticed your level of Korean is zero, and it’s just easier on both in the situation. On the other hand, my friend Sim has desperately tried to get his ordered change when needed. Like where he was asking for a beef patty for his burger and had to go up and ask three times before they got it right. I on the other hand just leave it alone. The first week we were here I went to burger king asked for french fries and got a sprite instead. It was late I was still in the first week it was not worth dealing with the hassle. Don’t get me wrong, though; it doesn’t work all the time. If there’s not picture or English menu, I can’t eat there unless I have gone there with someone else and found something I liked. I’ll go back and ask off of memory/had a friend text me how to pronounce it. I was talking to Sim about it just recently and said how it’s funny as between us we know about three languages (Eng ,Chi, Jpn), but none of it helps us here. His response was “I know it sucks; I just want to go home and eat some Mexican food.”


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