Thank you to my home school, the host school, family and friends that all supported me in this endeavor of coming across the world and being able to become a part of a culture I would have only experienced through media and stories. I must say thank you; there is no possible way I could repay what life experience that you all have allowed me to partake in. It is with a heavy heart I ask for your help once again to allow me to extend my stay for one month. Listed below is a proposal listing out expense, reasons and what I would do with my extended time here. I do take Into consideration that this extension may be out of reach, but if I were not to try and at least request it, then I would have lost before I had even started. Thank you for your time and consideration

Proposal: Extended Stay


The ability to stay one extra month in South Korea without the hindrance of school activities such as homework, test and exams


Be able to videography and photograph various aspects of Korean life unable to prior

Long day explorations of Seoul, to report back in a dairy styled fashion

Catalogue all my findings on my blog in a informative and viewable manner


During that month once a week 3 new posts up, every two weeks a single video on a location I visited

Project Budget: USD (1 month)

560 Meals

600 Housing

100 Transportation

150 Toiletries

200-450 Flight Change

Key Stakeholders

I, Grant, Parents and whomever else who can be supportive in this endeavor

Monitoring and Evaluation

The active checking of my blog to see if I hold up my end of the deal and making sure all I post is of an informative of experience nature.


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