Shock Value

Recently I ate Gopchang (곱창) which is pig intestines. While some people I talked to, mainly family would say something along the lines of “boy, that’s only Chitterlings.” That’s something I might add I have never eaten before so to brush it off like it’s nothing new seemed odd as I don’t have the same experiences they do, but I digress other people I would talk to would either look at me weird or reply like eww or gross. Then I started to realize I was telling people I knew for the value of shocking them. It was no longer the experience of me trying something new, but the gross-out factor I could achieve by telling people. I think Hy got fed up with it because I was on the phone telling someone and she was like why you still bringing it up. It just simply food here it’s like a took a normalcy and tried to turn it into a metaphorical circus act. That’s not cool on my part. Even though I have become more open to trying new things I still know people back home and here who are not accustomed to that stuff, so using another culture to get a rise out of people is not fair to the people within it. They become the butt of the joke for my personal pleasure. Bottom line, respect the culture you are in and don’t ham up your stories for reactions. Although after trying to get my moral compass back on track. I must say Gopchang is not bad at all after I got to pass two things. 1: it’s pork intestines there’s no way around that and 2: how chewy it is. It’s atypical meat texture, but the chewing got me at first. It’s not just the pig either its a whole meal thing noodles veggies and cheese.



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