Untitled Unmastered

Words cannot compare to the level of sorrow and defeat i feel currently as tears stream from my eyes i only have 28 days left in South Korea. The friends i have made the laughs i have uttered will not be forgotten, but will pain me when not achieved again in a similar fashion. To no ones fault, who thought i would become so attached to here and to the people i have become so close to. The one that opened up there heart to me and formed strong bonds in a short amount of time. They showed me life around korea. From the mountain top over looking the city to the simplicity of nights out at restaurants having dinner. they made me feel like less of a foreigner and some who was included in Seoul’s inner workings. I was no longer Rudolph i felt like i was just a regular reindeer. I will miss this, i will miss them, i will Seoul and how much it affected my soul

Thank You…..


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