Monthly Report

Month 3 Month 3 Month 3 finally over. It’s been a mixture of ups and downs recently. I do apologize for my last post. It was very raw and emotional, and I guess it fits the format of my posting, expressing my life experiences here, but still something I should not have said for public viewing. I’m not usually the fan of online “clearing of the closest.” Regardless month three was “chill.” While others traveled outside Seoul or went to the tourist areas of the city; I hung out with Hy’s roommate and her friends we went their local eating spot. It was so weird and kind the owner(?)/cook treated me like “family.” She would come over and explain things to me, prepared a pork wrap and showed me what dipping sauces tastes the best (All in Korean it was translated). It was great. While in the restaurant I got to control the tv and was fantastic so many shows. My favorite shows are Running Man and Show Me The Money. You could probably find English subtitles online somewhere.  All the while I had been spending the last two weeks in the month practicing for the school festival. Which you can read and view. It was last Thursday 5/19, and it’s now Wednesday 5/25, and my voice is now just getting back to normal. The way I rap my lyrics it does it very low and raspy it takes a strain on my voice. I could tell my vocal cords were gone but get to do it all over again this Friday, so I am super excited. I now know I can do without messing up lets hope I can do the same Friday. I also got to help Hy set up her art show. Which I will go into more detail in another post? Weather month 4 is my last month or not I’ll hopefully make it something to remember


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