To my parents and family members that allowed me to extend my stay in South Korea, as a said in a

prior blog post

“words cannot express” the feeling of emotions I have boiling from my soul. It has been a roller-coaster of emotions within the last three to four days I went from joy when I got the okay from parents. Then destructive sadness when American Airlines said the flight change would be 1000+. I slowly came around to the acceptance of my fate. I then get a phone call from my parents and go back to cautious optimism when they tell me family would chip in for the extended stay. Finally, back to happiness because it all worked “alright.” There is a lot of work to do from things back home to finding housing here, but now I am just really excited for my extended time, and now the conditions brought up in my proposal. I will start June 18 (when school’s done) until the end will put my blog into “overdrive” and post three times each week and a video every ten days (three weeks 9+ new post plus 2 videos). I will keep up that end.


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