Location Location Location

A man once told my family and me earlier this year that I would be missing the United States, no I don’t. What I miss is the people. My friends and family that’s who makes the location unique. You can argue that if it weren’t for the environment they grew up in they would not be the people I created tight bonds with, but that’s a nature vs. nurture thing I have no depth of knowledge to get into it. I just finished watching a movie called Welcome to Dongmakgol. I highly recommend it. I bring this up because it made think about HY and I’m so sorry I bring her up so much in these posts, I’m a little caught in my feelings currently. It also made me think about me as a person how I went through a transformation here mentally. It’s similar to what the character in the movie when through. It made me think that a place is just a place if there are no people around. What has made Seoul so special is because I got to share my experiences with someone else. Rest assured Seoul is a city that’s beautiful (if you ignore all the “bad” in most major cities) and I would love to come here again, but will it be as enjoyable it HY not here? The struggles I now come across in this relationship is we are both individuals and a couple who have diverging plans in life.It doesn’t help that we don’t live in the same country, but Neither she nor I want to stay in our respective home countries. She plans to move to Germany and then the United States. I rather come back here or Japan. The one thing we agree on is Japan. Now to Speak in hypotheticals and also realistic ideas if I had the money to make the trip would I come back here or go to her location? Because as I said, the people make to the location right not the location itself? So it should be “no problem” right? I don’t know. Should I follow my middle school dream and go to Japan? Or should I be the man who hasn’t hung up the phone yet on this relationship for fear I may never ring again and see her where she is or should I be the person who knows they have responsibilities, bills and loans in life they have to deal with. I don’t know. Currently, people (family) have said I have matured, but right now I just feel like my emotions are getting the best of me like a person whom cannot handle their alcohol I am drunk off my emotions. I want to see her again, and we have both stated it as something we ought to do but, as time does go on we change, and we like children lose faith, we become in disbelief with our promises that someone is coming, and the idea disappears. The wool is pulled, and Santa is not real…..


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