The “Junk” Folder

I had been sitting on these three posts for about three weeks now but, because of everything happening I just felt like the newer one I have posted were more important. Keep in mind  these are old so I tried avoid editing them beyond grammar.

Racist- Light Pt. 2

Other versions are there’s always two sides of a coin or pot calling the kettle black. Well, this post was originally going to be About meeting Hy’s mother at her family home and having breakfast and the supposed “racist-lite” things she said, translation at a later time by Hy of course. Although her words may have been rude, her actions were rather friendly. Her mom offered me fruit in place of their breakfast of curry and fish also she oddly offered me a fresh pack of socks which was nice too. I bring this up because as a part of Hy’s major/ club activities she gets a chance to come to the states soon (only to LA now sadly…..) and while there wants to visit me in my hometown and meet my friends and family the same I did with her’s while being here. Although my fear is will my family be okay with it? I’m not trying to throw anybody under any buses, BUT I sometimes have felt from my family this sense of “dating” within your race. So bringing a Korean girl home like “hey I spent 2-3 months hanging with this person, how do you feel???” I know they would be nothing but cordial. Although outside of that conversation will I have to deal with “will you only date Asians now”are you not going to date black girls” things like that and it just does it matter at all? Should it not it be whoever makes me happy? And you know we can financially support each other lol. I just hope my family will be accepting and inviting weather I end up with a black girl or any other race for that matter or if I live in the states or international.

Korean  Illiteracy

There was some random moments while being here when I would tell people that being Korean illiterate sounds way worse than saying I can’t read or understand Korean. I’m in Korea, and I can’t read anything I am (Korean) illiterate and it’s horrible, I mean I’m going into month 4 and have done pretty well for myself. I have survived. From friends to my own wit I have done it. I’ll give you an example of recent a thing. 1) went to burger king and used to the self-service machine to order, but the machine wasn’t taking my card. So I took a photo of my order and just walked up to the cashier and showed her to order, and that’s how I got my meal that day. Using that brain, my parents always talk about.

Oh it’s nothing….

So this happens weeks ago so my memory might be a little off. I was in my script writing class on my phone as I did when most of the presentations were in Korean. A siren went off outside, and no one in the class panicked everything was just normal. I on the other hand as panicking. I had been here for three months and had never heard it. I thought something was going down. Then there was this thunderous noise to accompanying sound. I assumed it was a large airplane, but I couldn’t see anything from the class window just hear these two very distinct sounds. While still panicking I asked the teacher what the heck was happening in a grant like a manner. The class laughed, and the teacher shrugged it off as oh “it is nothing,” but I think she could see a genuine worry/fear on my face about it. She then told me it’s just a drill. I calmed down, but the noise had been going on for about 10 minutes, and no one said anything about it. It was just a natural part of living here. I remember talking to family and them all worried about being so close to North Korea and things could escalate, but I told them not to worry I compared North Korea to a dormant volcano. You can’t live your life in constant fear of stuff happening here, and neither had I, but this situation was so out of the norm my natural instinct was to worry.


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