I’ve noticed something recently or at least been paying more attention to it, and that is (like the title says) people’s eyes. I don’t know if this is reaching some philosophical realm when it comes to body language, but I feel like you can tell a lot from a person’s eyes more specifically their mood. I like most humans cannot read minds, so all I can do assume and I don’t know if it’s because I am a foreigner that my mindset is different in the situation, but I feel like people are uncomfortable around me. I had a conversation with CL about when people see us what is there 1st thought is foreigner then race or the other way around or is a blend of both because what I have heard (translated) is some Koreans think Blacks are aggressive. A person might see me and just skip over me being a foreigner and I just being black. I too also notice glances when I’m with Hy I used to say it’s because of me that we get all these glances, although that’s not 100 percent accurate. I was still thinking from an outsider’s perspective and how I’m her imposing on their society and “taking their women.” Although Hy like most “young people” is a part of Korea’s own “Youth Culture” that doesn’t fit standard society mold. Her wares and hair get her looks too. It’s usually from older people, side note she said a couple of times due to the way she looks and her ease of use in English Koreans sometimes mistake her for a foreigner as well. They will come up and speak to her in English, and some, when she reverts to Korean will, realizes she’s fluent in it and go back to English as well. Others will try and keep the conversation going so they can work on their own English. The most uncomfortable eyes to deal with is children because they haven’t learned social rules yet, and one of those being it’s impolite to stare and will stare for a while. It’s semi-cute when babies do it but downright creepy when kids do. You want to tell them to stop but can’t. Recently when I notice a person staring I’ll stare back until they avert their eyes I’ve reached a point where I no longer care.


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