Just Today 2016-06-27

So, just today I realized I’ve lived here long enough to see many aspects of life from the good to the bad and in this tiny little post, I will be writing mostly on the sad side. I saw what I assumed was homeless men fighting outside a subway station. I was by myself because Hy was clothes shopping inside. It was so surreal because this was Seoul Station it’s a pretty large station connected to the airport line, so a lot of people are coming through this station. Although that wasn’t what made it so surreal, it was the just the fight itself so slow, no yelling or shouting that I could hear just homeless men fighting while onlookers watches and others kept it moving. Then it just stopped from what I saw I went back inside to see if Hy was done shopping. I don’t even know if the cops were called I just remember coming out of the store twenty minutes later and the people fighting were gone, but other homeless people were still around. Hy told me that usually the cops don’t get called unless there was blood and by the way, there were punching nothing was going to be done about it. Later that day Hy had to a school meeting, so I accompanied her to near her school because I knew of a good chicken place near there we had gone multiple times, but didn’t know how to get there myself. She gave me pretty simple instructions on how to get there, but she was worried I wouldn’t be able to get back home. She was slightly right cause I was a little nervous but when I started getting closer to the chicken place things were looking more familiar and memories came back to locations, and I got there. When I got to the counter, the girl looked at me and swapped out for a person who could speak English. It might just be in his tone, but it seemed like he didn’t want to deal with an only English speaker. Then the girl came back to do more orders in Korean. Although when it was time to give me my chicken she looked like she was given a pop quiz that she never studied for. To look on her face was just on of pure “OH GOD PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!” I might be over exaggerating, but that’s how I felt. All of it over putting peanuts on chicken. I felt so offended like it’s not that hard I’ve figured out ways to communicate with others without the use of Korean. Just yesterday I was able to convince someone to hold on to my camera and another person tell me the price of bread fairly easily with barely any Korean. Although not everyone is the same, her struggle and mine are entirely different when it comes to communication barriers. Lastly after eating my chicken I walked home but not back the same direction what’s the fun in that I had an okay sense of my surroundings because I had been so much to hang out with HY I knew enough. Like in the states make sense of direction comes from landmarks so returning home was easy cause I passed all the places we had been to get home, easy.


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