No destination is the best

The cool thing about Seoul is you can’t ever get truly lost while walking, well, at least if your walk has no destination. I, for the most part, will just walk the city and listen to podcasts, and as they’re long, I always have something stimulating during the walks. It’s been so much fun just picking a random direction and walking it. I used to get worried when I would walk the cluster of the inner streets, but like rivers when you follow them they’ll lead you to a large body of water (don’t quote me on that). Similarly, the smaller inner streets will lead you back to the main streets that have street signs or subway stops. Normally what I do is walk until I get bored or tired then walk a little bit longer to a random subway stop then ride it back home or if my walk didn’t pull that far way from home use the street signs that point back to campus. The architecture of the city is just amazing. They are steadily building here which is a good and bad thing. Not to get into too much detail is while they build all this new stuff there neglecting the old leaving it to decay and become run down. What nature is left in Seoul is being carved out for newer housing instead of demolishing these older parts of the city and rebuilding it, but I’m not a city planner or any person that would have that type of information this is just my off-topic opinion. Regardless Seoul’s a cool place to walk around.


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