Dongmyeo 동묘

What’s the best way to explain this, it’s a district that’s gigantic for selling products, like almost any product you can think of they had it. From clothes, food and electronics all in either mid condition to new you could find it there. It’s basically a giant flea market. Although with these types of places comes some level of secrecy as some shop owners don’t allow you to take photos of their stand as it might have fake, stolen, replica or bootlegged items. I asked Hy why the cops don’t shut them down? She said it’s not that serious of an issue. Saying don’t question where the item came from, and you’ll be okay. Although in the past around the 70/80’s there was something called ghost market (DoKKaeBi ShiJang 도깨비시장) it sold items from the U.S. Army base usually ration packs and due to it being highly illegal. When the cops showed up, they vanish. Also in the area was a toy/action figure area selling toys at significant discounts.

Somethings I’ve found. So Hy said people just simply call it “mp3 player for seniors.” It got a bunch of preset songs for ease of access. Although not all of the songs on it maybe be licensed for use.


Imports are also a big thing here and usually your paying high prices for them but I was shocked to see this Hershey’s chocolate sauce being sold for only a dollar. Now it dose go bad in about a month (8/2) and where I found it the bottles were sitting out in the sun, but I still think it’s a steal all thing considered.


DoKKaeBi– a ghost-like a creature with a giant hammer and has a horn. He brings gifts to humans (sometimes)

ShiJang- traditional market

In depth Explanation of  DokkaeBi ShiJang

Photos From The Area


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