Seoul Tower

One of Seoul’s most tourist-packed areas but also one of the most breathtaking ones at that. Seoul Tower is one of those things you have to do as it’s a part of an unwritten checklist of tourist sights to stop. There’re two ways to get up to Seoul Tower one you ride the cable car all the way to the top (10$ roundtrip) or do an almost mile hike to the top (Free). I suggest the mile walk cause so many don’t hike up, so they’re fewer people around, and you still get fantastic views own the way up and down. You miss out on all the surrounding nature when just cable car to the top. Once you get to the top, though, that’s when it becomes jammed packed with people all trying for the best photos on the railings, so you got to slide your way through. All these tourists trying to take pictures was annoying to me (although I was doing it too). I felt people were just looking for the best picture to take instead of soaking in the view. Still being at the top was magical all the people there and seeing the whole view of Seoul it was unbelievable. Now at the top there’s a couple of things you can do eat cause their are restaurants, there shops, you can go up Seoul tower for a higher view (20$) or lastly if you are doing this romantically there a bunch of locks at the top all with names on them. Buy one and put it there is supposed to signify an active forever bond between the two people. I suggest ever going to Seoul do it.

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