Doubling down on crazy / Hitting the ground running hard

Other titles are: Two times the Crazy or Crazy X-Squared or Crazy X 2

I’ve only been back two days and have already started planning various ways of how to get overseas next year; It’s not possible right now. Being as my back account is somewhere between poor and dirt poor. Although it’s okay, I had gone to my job yesterday, so I could relearn a few things and show my passion for being back. While I was there, I joked with some of the long time members who knew me that “I spent everyone else money over there now it’s time to use my own to get back.” I thought about setting up one of those “Crowdfunding” Services to help my cause. I read a quote once somewhere on the internet that “how you get/stay rich is by using other people’s money,” And you know this blogger right here can spin his reality into the saddest of stories. A young man fresh out of South Korea having to Leave someone he considered “love” only to not know when they will meet again. I call it “compassionate begging,” but I rather not. There’s something about earning your money that makes it all worth it in the end you know? When I paid the school program, it was one of my proudest moments because I earned it with those long hours at the pool. Although I did set up a PayPal donation service whether or not I link it to my blog will be at my discretion. That’s all I have been thinking about is money because the soon I can get some is the sooner I can put it to “work.” I feel like an addict but motivated. For this to work I can’t be walking anymore I have to run, but only that but my fear is that will I burn out or the person whose currently fueling my fire will be they no longer want to see me. The only things I have currently in my mind is School, Japanese, Money, and Her. That’s what I’m working for until the then end of next year. Thankful my current job was kind enough to put me back on the schedule now that I’m back, but it’s a seasonal job I must figure out something to do for the school semester and so on. I have odd hours next semester so looking for something a little but flexible might be difficult, but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Now here’s where the Double Down On Crazy part comes in. This Monday I plan to go to my study abroad office on campus and ask them if I can do the next year’s extensive summer language program in Japan as the one I am studying. I told a couple of people this, and they think I’m rather crazy (ergo the title), but I there’s no better time I’ll be fresh off of the language classes why not dive into the culture and keep it going? One of the Few things I’ve to Hy is right now it’s all just words to her, to me and anyone out there reading this, but at least it’s an idea that as been manifested all I got to do now is but it into action wish me luck. I will need all the positivity possible.

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