Monthly Report

So let me start off by apologizing as I was 15 days late with this one, but as it got closer to the end, it became increasingly hard to write these posts with my mind constantly on the “impending doom” right around the corner. I’m sorry once again if this was supposed to be a professional blog I could not allow my emotions deter me from getting my work done. Anyway, last month was filled with laughs and hardships. I cried for a week straight the week of finals. I think it was because it was the beginning of the end. The school was the largest chunk of time there and now that it’s over, all I had was 20 days left (19 because you can’t count the day you’re flying out). Those 20 days I did so much and so little. Week 1: was mostly spent hanging out with all from campus that were leaving that week so almost a farewell dinner each day. I also had a dinner with Hy and her roommate that was fun we ate at some local restaurants near there home, and I played in the nearby playground.I had also have convinced Sim (from the B.P.C.) to stay three extra days which was nice having him around. I saw him off at the airport subway line. One of the last few things he told me was he was “I’m going back in time to save the future.” Week 2: I walked around my area of the city Guro, which is a lot more residential compared to where Sogang in Sinchon was. It was a lovely area it just was annoying the stop it was on is one stop transfer, and the transfer is from the busiest subway stops. Somedays it was stressful being on a super packed train to go home. Sadly I had broke my camera, so I no longer have one, but Hy to the rescue let me use her’s. It was a DSLR I loved and hated it. My original camera was so small it could fit in my pocket, but the DLSR  had to be worn around your neck coupled with the fact the I usually wore my backpack around the city I felt like a mega tourist. I also got sick for about three days and was stuck indoors which were not fun. Hy took me to the doctors and explained my situation the best way possible converting what I told her into Korean. the doctor sprayed something in my nose and mouth I was confused. Hy told me to stop complaining but,  I just more confused because random sprays like that don’t happen in the states, but something that also doesn’t occur in the states is a cheap medical bill with no insurance. For the visit and medicine it all 25 dollars. She told me how last year she spent around 2000+ for a 4-hour stay in the hospital and a CT scan for food poisoning. I was like it would be for an American easier to fly overseas and get medical treatment at least that way you can see the world. Week 3: Was the hardest but still very fun at this point everyone I hung out with from campus was gone except my two friends Cl and Ty. Ty had just come back from Japan the week prior and needed a place to stay because he showed back up on a Friday, and all the hostels were packed. He would have been homeless for a night if it weren’t for me, so he chilled with me one night and got a hostel for the rest of his stay. I saw him and Cl once again Tuesday because it was Ty’s “final” day, so we walked around Hongdae for about 2 and a half hours looking for food. The reason it took so long is that I had already eaten, so I didn’t care where we went, and the other two couldn’t figure it out, so I was dragged along for the ride. one that I didn’t mind. This past Thursday, which was my last 24 hours I met up with CL to walk campus one last time. On a whim texted my two favorite people from the abyss club whom just happened to be on campus due to summer classes. We spent about any hour reminiscing about things that happened this semester it was grand. Then we finally all went our separate ways, and I met up with Hy where she took me to dinner, and we ended the night riding a bus up the same mountain that overlooks the city as we did on our 1st official date. Tears were around it was so special. My final day we woke up early got dressed skyped my parents and went to the post office to ship a large box although it was too large to send by boat, so we had to scramble and rearrange all the stuff into smaller boxes for boat shipping.  After that, we taxied over to the airport subway line and talked about our future and handling being away from each other she told me she was going to see me next month which I was always on the fence until I see a ticket, but it was all I had to hold on to. we also talked about her fears of becoming a U.S. citizen, and I told her I would do my best to help her out and because all my family is Americans could be an excellent resource as well. She said that when American do “small talk” it’s an odd concept to grasp. We got to the airport and I checked in what I didn’t realize was there was no time left to sit and chat so when Hy said you have to go now I let out the most gut wrenching and sorrowful “NO.” We stood there and hugged and kissed and cried telling each other we would see each other next month and walked away where she waved at me until I was no longer visible in the security lines. On the plane ride home, I wrote a lot of things down, but the most important aspect to me was I was going to try my hardest to make things work “just because I’m not longer there doesn’t mean I will stop acting like your boyfriend.” After multiple flights, I got to hug my parents once more and thanked them multiple times for allowing me to have such an experience. I’ve already started sending tons of photos to Hy and messaging her. only time will tell what is next for us and me.


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