Wishing Upon A Star

Or Pimping Myself Out

Hy has a pretty large social following and knowing that and being a millennial whose ego is connected to how many internet people admire his work got her to post it on her social media, and  WOW it blow up. June has been the most view month with almost 500 views on my blog that’s bananas. The crazier thing is although most of them came from Korea there were places I didn’t even think of. They were all reading my tiny little blog. Still to this day South Korea views are higher than American views. Thank You all and thank you Hy. I hope some of you stay around to watch my journey continue.

pimping.PNG  So I wouldn’t say I’m crazy or religious, but sometimes I talk to the “universe.” It’s just kind of me looking up at the ceiling or sky and just saying stuff hoping that something or whatever will hear me and my words and sway me in the right direction of success. The other thing I like to do a lot is day dream, especially over-exaggerate dreams about things I want to happen like picking a winning lotto ticket from the ground or someone off the street offering me a job. In retrospect it seems like pretty basic stuff but, they usually involved around me staying longer. When I told her of all my silly fantasies, she said something along the lines of there’s no more magic because it was all used to bring us together. It brought me so much joy when she said that. I couldn’t tell her she’s a liar cause we all know if you still believe in magic there’s always some to spare. HEY UNIVERSE, GOD, AND ANYONE READING THIS do you have a job for me that would involve me going to South Korea, Japan or anywhere in East Asia? I am well verse in Adobe products such as Premier, Photoshop and after effects. I know how to blog, vlog and take photographs as seen on my Flickr. I’m well versed in stringing words together in a coherent fashion as seen on my blog. My grammar is sometimes lacking, but I get better with every writing. I’m also a friendly and personable person to be around Hy thinks I’m 99% perfect (most important to know), so you know I motivation to perform well because of her to stay longer. I’m just putting this out there. I’ll look forward to your offers. I can be reached at “NC2SK@gmail.com” (Fake) or “asapgy@yahoo.com” (Real)

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