It’s been two weeks since I have last “seen” my girlfriend Hy. If you can’t tell by the title or the fact I put the word seen in quotations. It means me and her are trying to have Long Distance Relationship. I felt like this was going to end up happening, as neither of us wanted to leave each other. So, we’re trying to make it work. I wish there was a magic formula or some type of rubric that could be followed so we could know how to do this, but there is not, so we just take it day by day. It’s just been interesting to know so many people have or are currently going through this and getting advice from them. The best advice I got was being able to stay independent. Not relying fully on them or needing someone else to fill that “hole” in your heart. I’m not going to lie the 1st few days were hard but it has gotten better. The key (for me) is just making sure to stay interested in one another and know even though they are far away that they are still as important in your life. The current title image is a screencap from a video I did for her with my friends. Right now I’m only sending her silly things I make on the computer, but soon I might ship a few things to her that will remind her of me. Although I think the most important thing is planning to see one another again It gives you something to look forward to even if it’s not in the near future. She always told me that I didn’t have to come back to South Korea to see her; that she would come to see me in America and I believe her. In these moments of LDR all, you really have is the truth behind your words and your belief in theirs. We’re no longer physically together so I have no clue what she does daily nor does she have any idea what I do daily. It’s just a hope and belief that their truth lines up with life’s reality. I will say it has not been an easy start with worries the other will find someone in their respective areas. A person that can be there fully because neither of us can currently. Although like I told her as long as we keep talking regularly and keep each other in our hearts and minds we’ll do fine, because that’s all we got right now. It’s like being on a metaphorical roller coaster and wanting to get off, but finding solace that someone you care for is right beside you going through the same thing even though there scared as well.


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