Questions Questions Questions

I knew coming back I would be asked the same questions over and over from people here’s a list

What time is it over there ?

Do you know any Korean (Read and Write) ?

Do they know any English ?

Are their American restaurants over there ?

Can your girlfriend speak English ?

How well can she speak English ?

Were you worried about North Korea ?

Did you wear one of those masks ?

And I try to answer them as nicely as possible, but it’s very draining on the psyche. You feel like to some of these questions people would have answers too like they are common sense. Yet it only seems like that because I were there. None of the questions were of ever any real concern about things in South Korea. Just what big old bad North and their scary ways. It usually upset me that’s all people are concerned about, but I have no room to say anything as I knew nothing of the culture before going. The pot calling the kettle black I guess….


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