Final Posts From Sk

During my emotional distress of the last week in Seoul. I had difficulty finishing some posts. Although there weren’t many here are these unfinished posts. I wanted to keep them this way as they are a time stamp on what was going on in my mind at that current time.

[Original Monthly Report] Hi, Hello, well I haven’t done this in….let me check, The last monthly report was May 25th so roughly 5 weeks ago. I’ve been slacking on getting out the Monthly Report, but this last month has been one to remember finishing up school saying goodbyes to new friends, questioning the amount of month I have been given to be here (Sorry Mom & Dad).

[Words Written From the Airport] I felt the need to express this less than an hour before i leave korea. I don’t know anymore is there a term for being extremely sad but okay with everything. I talked to my best friend yesterday he told me be proud of all what i did here


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