Just 5 more minutes, Please….

‚ÄčI’m still holding on to the past, to a life that is no longer my current reality. I didn’t live there, but lived there long enough to have started a life and have it ripped away from me. Now I go through my daily routines holding on to these memories trying to constantly recreate them in my head as nothing to me currently holds any weight. I think I’m going insane. Sometimes, I wish I never went, but never do I regret it. I’m weighed down by my past so scared to lose the ones I love and the ones I cared about. To never see anyone or Korea again. I think about it alot, but that special blend of experiences could only happen once. I should be glad that it did. The memories, the people, the place have all changed me to become a better man. Because of Korea and my friends I want to work as hard as I can to see the world again. Although, to see the world again this will happen again where I’m feeling like this. is not worth it to experience all life has to offer? Even if it comes with some pain? I’m hurt more than I ever could be currently just wishing what I have I could hold on to only for a little bit longer. It’s like the 5 more minutes you ask your mother to stay in bed and dream because you feel safe there, you don’t want to deal with the day, you don’t want to deal with reality. But, it’s time to wake up and it’s time to face reality and move forward. No one said you have to give up on these memories there apart of you. The experiences in that time and place, that can’t ever be erased from life’s history, yours or any of the people you were with. You can’t live your life in the past though. I know that now, but it was nice to dream, you know ? Well I guess it’s time to wake up I’ve probably been sleeping wake to

long. Wake up, wake up, wake up……
The end of a wonderful dream.