Three Course Meal

So in typical Grant fashion, I’m late, but I attempted to get some writing done in the stereotypical “hipster-esque” manner where I was planning on bringing my laptop to a cafe and sit for hours writing. I failed, but I am writing this now. I’m titling this one three-course meal as it’s three short stories I have from my trip.

Where On The Map?

So like most of the things I’ve been doing since being here, I was randomly walking around and found a Bar called Dumbo II (Yes, precisely like the movie). I went in and had a pleasant little conversation with the bartender and some of the patrons. Although the standout moment of the night was, He asked me where I was from, and I replied North Carolina. He paused for a second and then went from behind the bar to a Table that had a Globe on it and then placed it in front of me; I knew what he was hinting at. So I wheeled the globe around and showed him and the other patrons that seemed interested too where I came from. Moral of the story is, there is none, but America is big.


Satoshi (サトシ)

Yesterday (11/13) I went to see a giant robot (Gundam) (PHOTOS) in front of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. After that, I saw noticed a giant Ferris wheel in the area (PHOTOS). I guess you could consider Koto to be the city of massive monuments. The connecting facility to the Ferris wheel is called Megaweb, and it houses one of the largest Toyota car showcases (PHOTOS). While I was there, I got to talk to a wonderful spokesperson, and towards the end of the conversation, he asked me about my music because it was blasting while we were talking, and I had to pause it. I was listening to this youtube artist named Shofu and his newest Pokemon Rap album called “Trap Ketchum.” The reason why this is crucial is that Ketchum is the last name of main character Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, but in Japan his name is Satoshi. I realized today that the reference might have been lost on him although he went to study in America for college so he might have known. I recommend listening to this Poke-Rap album.



Bathrooms, Gross, maybe weird topic, you’ve been warned. But it seems that the water usage is very efficient in Japan(?) whereas in America “everything” seems to have a different source. From what I saw in some bathrooms here the water comes from one source just a nozzle to change where to water goes. Like in my hotel room I switch the lever from sink to shower mode when needed. I am bringing this up because I was in an arcade and their toilet was set up with the sink being attached at the top and activated upon flushing. With that visual in your head I would have assumed you would have been like me “worse case scenario grant” and could only think that it was either A) reusing “used” water or B) Toliet water. I mean probably neither but I’ll leave that to your imagination.





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